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FIFA Mobile is a football from Nexon's simulation game.

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In this game, soccer players are real players who are really present. Players can start playing real soccer anytime, anywhere. The game offers various game modes such as Normal Mode, Attack Mode, and Simulation League sánh that players can feel that they are the players who prefer to tát use strategy to tát control the whole situation of the game. Do it to tát avoid players who prefer bloody soccer or use real-life practice operations. You can find your own game in the game.

Pre-registration cumulative achievement sự kiện rewards are only available to tát those who have registered for the FIFA Mobile Official Website.

  • FIFA Mobile's huge winter update arrives on December 16th!
  • A lost season update for 2021 makes the game more realistic!
  • Customizable locker rooms for each team!
  • The in-game is further improved, from the AI to tát the transfer market!
  • Check out the winter update!

Features of FIFA Mobile Nước Hàn APK

  • Play as your favorite team in a league match for the first time
  • Complete weekly symbols now challenge you to tát earn one of the 100 ICNS available
  • Use the best leagues in the world in new season mode to tát beat your ultimate team business
  • For first place in the weekly leaderboards of the brand-new weekend tournament for division participants
  • More ways to tát turn real football activities into game prizes and unlock special 84 OVR and Watch Felix items when you liên kết the Didas GMR ad to tát the new season in your thành phố.

Update item

2022 FIFA World Cup™ Mode

Choose from a variety of countries to tát enjoy the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ tournament in multiplayer or single player.

Through the exclusive Star Pass, you can grow new classes more quickly.

Roster Update

A roster update for the new season is in progress.

Tutorial and Campaign Reorganization

The tutorial and chiến dịch will be reorganized for smooth play by new coaches.

Various rewards can be obtained through basic & daily training.

Reorganization of play & season rewards

Rewards for Attack/Normal/Manager/Simulation Modes will be reorganized.

Various rewards can be obtained through the store operated by season.

Improved gameplay

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Attack/Normal Mode Improvements]

In attack mode, if you are in a loose ball situation, you will re-attack faster.

Play time in normal mode is adjusted. (slight increase)

Additional time is adjusted in normal mode. (slight decrease)

A new rank is added to tát Attack/Normal Mode. Challenge FIFA Champions I,II,III!


In dogfights through headers, your height is now realistically reflected in the results.

The goalkeeper's save ability for long-range shooting is improved.

Overall pass accuracy according to tát pass power is improved.


New stadiums are added (Part-time job-Day/Night, Lusail-Day/Night)

A new skill boost is added.

Market policy changes are reflected.

Improved existing content

  • Added the ability to tát phối a player's uniform number in the locker room
  • Turned off the VIP border in the locker room
  • AI level adjustment during autoplay
  • Added an ON/OFF switch for autoplay
  • Added general training & character training functions
  • Added basic ability comparison function when comparing players
  • When selling on the transfer market, improvements should be made at the time of sale
  • Improvement of the mirage phenomenon in the transfer market
  • Optimization of the server environment
  • The login screen, main screen, and main UI skin changed
  • Update phầm mềm icon
  • Fixed various bugs

New nội dung added!

  • The locker room has been updated!
  • Added the latest rosters and four national teams
  • UCL Campaign nội dung update

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