melogin .cn đăng nhập is the trang web UI of Mercury Wireless Extender to lớn setup and change mặc định WiFi settings at or Login

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How to lớn setup Mercury Wireless Extender?

  1. Plug the Mercury Wireless Extender into a power outlet and connect to lớn the Wi-Fi Network (MERCURY_RE_XXXX).
  2. Open a browser and type or in the address bar.
  3. Enter 12345678 as the login password in both the lower and upper fields and click Log In.
  4. Select the WiFi network to lớn be expanded.
  5. Enter the password of the selected WiFi network and type the Extender Wireless Network Name and click Next Step. (The password for the extender is the same as the password for the Extended WiFi Network.)
  6. Your Mercusys Wireless Extender setup is completed. You can now connect to lớn the extended WiFi network.

You need to lớn observe the extender lights indicator.

  • Red light flashing indicates that it is expanding.
  • Green light/orange light is always on and indicates that the expansion was successful.

The steps are compatible with Mercury MW310RE, MW302RE, and similar models.